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Planon Remote Learning Solutions

Access to remote learning options whenever and wherever your team needs them

Planon’s remote learning offering ensures continuous learning and personal development for our customers whenever and wherever they want. Planon offers flexible learning options that include e-learning modules to refresh your knowledge (24/7), and virtual onboarding and training sessions for small groups that are facilitated by an experienced Planon trainer.

Virtual training sessions are based on short time blocks of 2-2.5 hours, which are spread over multiple days. This ensures flexible planning that can easily be aligned with your employees’ agendas.

Some important benefits of Planon’s Remote Learning options for your organisation and employees:

  • Employees have flexibility and control over their own training schedule;
  • Employees can learn at their own pace and stay aligned with the needs of their organisation;
  • Shorter training sessions are proven to be more effective compared to full day remote programmes;
  • Cost savings due to reduced travel and expenses around training;
  • Remote learning is more sustainable due to no travel for employees or trainers;
  • The remote learning environment is safe, and easy to access anytime and anyplace.

Watch the video for an overview of the Planon remote learning options.

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Planon Remote Learning Solutions