Smart buildings in the city of Frankfurt with a Lensflare

6 FAQs on smart, sustainable real estate with SAP and Planon

This FAQ answers 6 questions on combining an SAP ERP solution with real estate management software.

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White Papers
Sustainable glass office building with trees for reducing carbon dioxide.

Key Findings: Can AI help solve ESG challenges?

Discover the recent Think Tank insights on using AI to address ESG challenges in Facility Management.

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Two people looking at a tablet in a greenhouse.

Facility Management & Sustainability: A Fundamental Alliance

Explore examples of smart, sustainable changes that Planon & Schneider Electric customers have made to contribute to corporate sustainability.

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Analyst Reports
Group of business people toasting.

Planon recognised as a leading provider in the IoT-driven smart buildings space

In this write-up read about how Frost & Sullivan came to give Planon the 2023 product leadership award in the global IoT-driven smart buildings industry.

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View of a tech city at night with buildings and digital icons in the background

Building a digital maturity pathway for smart(er) organisations

This webinar from IWFM and Planon explores common challenges and effective solutions when following a digital maturity pathway. 1:03:40 English

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Virtual Events

Achieving sustainable outcomes with integrated RE and ERP solutions

This webinar with Forrester, SAP and Planon explores trends in real estate management, and the benefits of integrated real estate and ERP software solutions.

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White Papers
People using IoT in a Smart Building.

A digital maturity pathway for smart(er) organisations

Read this step-by-step guide to achieving digital maturity in your organisation from Planon and IWFM.

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Female engineer operating holo screen.

The Future of Asset and Maintenance Management

Use this e-book to see how refreshing your asset & maintenance management strategy can help your organisation adapt to new trends and challenges in the market.

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Man working on maintenance mecanics

How to get the basics in place for effective asset & maintenance management

This document describes five questions to ask yourself to get the basics for effective maintenance in place, starting with a structured asset repository.

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Engineer on tablet doing maintenance management

Assessment - Are you ready for operational excellence?

This short assessment will help you understand your readiness to deliver smart FM and maintenance services by answering 6 questions.

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Two people in a glass elevator.

Maximising Business Value: Exploring IoT possibilities in FM

Read this e-book to discover main business drivers for IoT projects and learn how IoT in many applications areas can add value to your smart building strategies.

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Virtual Events
Sustainable greenhouse with meeting room, workspaces and coffee bar,

Maintenance Management in Transition | Rising to meet changing needs & expectations

Planon has organised a virtual event, where we talked about maintenance management in transition.

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People discussing in a meeting room.

Building Connections podcast

Building Connections is a podcast series on topics that are of interest to Real Estate and Facility Management. In an informal conversation, Planon’s Erik Jaspers and a guest explore exciting developments, share knowledge, and address challenges along the way.

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Group of people looking on their mobile phone.

Request a free 14-day trial of Planon Workplace App

Enhance workplace experience: try room booking and desk booking with this free mobile app trial.

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White Papers
Sustainable buildings in downtown Philadelphia.

The role of sustainability in driving client experience and value

Discover the critical role sustainability plays in driving client experience and value with insights from a panel of experts from Frost & Sullivan, Planon and others.

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