Meeting around cyber technology

Harness the power of your facilities and real estate data

Learn more about the value of implementing digital strategies for data utilisation by watching this joint webinar with IWFM, 3edges and Planon. 1:10:40 English

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Group of people exchanging about notes and data

Data - the essential resource that powers your facility management processes

Get a better understanding of the value of data for your facility management processes by reading the IWFM Guidance Note ‘Harnessing the power of data’

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Workplaces in a modern office

Planon Connect for Building Advisor

Watch this demo of Planon Connect for Building Advisor to learn more about how you can achieve greater automation and value from your asset and maintenance processes. (19:31)

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Individual workplace in the modern office

To what extent does your workplace engage employees?

Based on your answers to 10 questions in this assessment, you will discover where you currently stand with your workplace management and how you can improve to increase employee engagement.

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Smart Building solution in skyscrapers

Resilience and adaptability after the COVID-19 pandemic

Creating contamination-resilient workspaces will involve an orchestrated and multi-disciplinary approach, addressing not only building systems and fit-out, but also behavioural aspects for the people using the buildings. In this article you will read about the 8 key elements of such an approach.

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Hands holding lights to represent meaningful ideas

Point solutions or an integrated solution: why choose?

You no longer have to choose between integrated solutions and point solutions to build your IT landscape for real estate and facility management. Read more about how IWMS and innovative PropTech solutions can go hand in hand.

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People watching graphics on a laptop

Recommendations for Service Providers

Planon research offers service providers insights into how to demonstrate added value to their customers. Enhance your IT strategy to keep up with changing market needs.

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Man holding ipad working with system

Transforming smart building technology

Read this 9-page e-book to learn how integrating a smart building platform with an IWMS allows organisations to exploit and realise the most value from their portfolio for both their business and its occupants.

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Groups of students discussing their studies inside the University building's hallway.

Checklist for an effective workplace re-entry plan

Download this infographic for a comprehensive checklist for creating a workplace re-entry plan.

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Pandemic Manual white paper.

IFMA Foundation - Pandemic Manual

The IFMA Foundation has published a new pandemic survival guide for companies planning to open their facilities and resume operations. This manual also includes an appendix article from Planon that explores workplace re-entry strategy from a technology perspective.

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Office desk in front of a glass window in a business district.

Adapting your Workplace to the 'New Now'

View this executive summary to learn how you can leverage an IWMS to ensure business continuity and support business recovery in times of a pandemic response.

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Office workplace with city skyline

Planon use cases for a Pandemic Response

View this executive summary to learn how you can leverage Planon software to ensure business continuity and support business recovery in times of a pandemic response. This e-book also includes an overview of the Planon Use Cases that support your workplace re-entry strategy.

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An IWMS is used in office buildings to manage the life cycle of corporate facilities.

What is IWMS?

An IWMS is a single software platform for real estate and facility management that combines integrated functionality for the management of real estate, space planning, asset & maintenance, integrated services, and sustainability.

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Infographic of smart buildings.

Smarter business with smart buildings

Download this infographic for a quick overview of how integration of smart building technology with an IWMS enables portfolio decision making and smarter business.

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People meeting in the green office

Defining Your Campus Management Technology Needs

Learn how to equip your team with the right integrated campus management solution to achieve goals around productivity, cost effectiveness, compliance, innovation, sustainability, and student experience.

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