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How to benefit from IoT in 2023

Inspiration session on IoT use cases in the built environment

During this Virtual Event, Planon customers and partners shared use cases around the endless possibilities of IoT for real estate and facilities management. Watch this recording on demand to see all the potential application areas where IoT can enhance what you are already doing or drastically improve your current ways of working.


  • Planon's vision and strategy on IoT for the built environment
  • Ubigreen and UPP case studies on IoT strategy & deployment
  • Planon IoT product demo
  • Q&A

In this recording, Planon’s Peter Ankerstjerne shares details about our vision and strategy on IoT for the built environment. Pierre-Olivier Bessol from Ubigreen discusses a use case around large IoT deployments from the perspective of multinational banks. He shares insights into the challenges they faced during deployment, as well as what life looks like after an IoT implementation.

Next, Nick Tonge from UPP outlines why UPP decided to look into an investment in IoT and shares some insight into how it plans to use IoT to improve health & safety issues like legionella detection.

Then, David Stillebroer from Planon gives a demonstration of our IoT-enabled Planon solution and walks the audience through 3 IoT use cases, including:

  • Smart Utility Monitoring
  • Climatisation
  • Smart Cleaning

If you’ve been exploring what IoT solutions can do for your organisation, we invite you watch this free recording of the Virtual Event, ‘How to benefit from IoT in 2023: discover the potential for your organisation’.

Meet the speakers:

Pierre Olivíer Bessol
CEO and Founder

Nick Tonge
Head of FM Systems at UPP

Peter Ankerstjerne, Planon

Peter Ankerstjerne
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chairman of the Planon North America Board

Portrait photo of David Stillebroer.

David Stillebroer
VP Solutions at Planon

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