Planon Partner Vetasi & North-West University

Planon Partner Vetasi & North-West University

The North-West University (NWU) had a clear objective of creating and improving the governance, delivery model, processes, and procedures associated with the Facilities functional area, taking into account the DHET 17 Elements of the Macro Infrastructure Framework (MIF) in order to deliver a service in support of the NWU's business and digital strategies.

Our partner Vetasi was identified as the vendor of choice due to their vast experience in providing market-leading solutions within the Facilities & Asset Management industry, their deep understanding of the university’s requirements within the higher-education sector, and their vast experience in implementing the Planon IWMS solution which satisfied 12 of the 17 DHET Elements of the MIF by itself.

“With Planon's IWMS technology and Vetasi's in-depth knowledge of implementation and experience in the Facilities Management business, we were able to integrate Planon with several NWU systems, automating various maintenance work orders processes and streamlining all of our space reservation needs into a single system. Vetasi demonstrated a good understanding of our complex integration requirements which allowed us to manage the integration project stream fluently with minimal data or integration issues across all our systems” – Mari Prinsloo, Directo of Business System Development & Support, Northwest University.

Read this case study to see why NWU chose Planon and Vetasi to improve their Facility Management processes.

Click here to download a free copy of the case study.

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