Video - What is an IWMS?

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are software solutions that enable executives and managers to reduce facility management costs significantly and increase business productivity, compliance, and transparency.


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White Papers 26/11/2018
Interactive White Paper - An explanation of Integrated Workplace Management Systems

This interactive white paper discusses the evolution and benefits of IWMS, as well as explaining the most important differences between IWMS, CAFM and FMIS. It also covers the evolution of these systems in terms of standardisation, integration capabilities, workflow orientation, CAD and BIM connectivity. 

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Webinars 04/02/2015
Webinar - Implementing a global IWMS

Learn more about the most important choices you will have to make when implementing an IWMS on a global scale. 30:05 English 

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White Papers 13/04/2015
White Paper - Building a credible business case

Before selecting and implementing an IWMS, it’s recommended to build a business case including internal and external costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits from at least a three year perspective. 

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