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Conversations with FM, RE and technology leaders

Building Connections is a podcast series on topics that are of interest to the world of Real Estate and Facility Management. In an informal conversation, Planon’s Erik Jaspers and a guest explore exciting developments, share knowledge, and address challenges along the way.

Hosted by Erik Jaspers, IFMA Fellow,
Innovation & Product Strategy Planon

#11 Exploring AI: Unveiling Value, Responsible Adoption, and Practicality

In the paramount discussion on artificial intelligence and machine learning, misconception and generalization are around the corner. Tom Heskes, Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science at Radboud University, dissects their real value, responsible adoption, and practical applications for strategists and knowledge workers.

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#10 Crossing the Bridge to a Regenerative System

In the ever-changing global real estate industry, embracing sustainability and regenerative practices is crucial. Menno Lammers, founder of PropTech for Good, talks about how the concept of regeneration as Horizon 3, as presented in the Three Horizons framework, provides an inspiring vision for the industry's future.

#9 What Data Reveals around the Workplace

The buzz around hybrid work is everywhere, as are a lot of assumptions around its effect on productivity, culture, innovation, and engagement. Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics shares some highly interesting research insights on workplace trends and talks about the importance of collecting and interpreting workplace data in the right way.

#8 The Adoption of Technology Trends in Facility Management

Digitisation of buildings is increasing fast, but do we have an eye on the risks, big or small? Ted Ritter, IFMA Fellow, Principal at LMI360, Global Co-Chair, Technology Community of IFMA and Past Chair, IFMA Americas Advisory Board advocates for more security awareness and involving all relevant stakeholders to ensure appropriate reliance.

#7 How to Deliver the Energy and Climate Transition from the Building Perspective

Looking at the built portfolio from different angles, Esther Finidori, VP Environment at Schneider Electric, discusses from the inside out how buildings can play a manifold role towards a net-zero future.

#6 Increasing Innovation and Value of the Business Relationship in FM Outsourcing

Magnus Kuchler, EY Markets Leader, Nordics Country Managing Partner EY Sweden, shares with Erik his thoughts on and experiences with Vested - a new, award-winning method, business model and mindset to create real win-win partnerships.

#5 The Evolution of Work and the Workplace Experience

As CEO at Nordic Foresight and IFMA Director of Research, Jeffrey Saunders is the perfect conversation partner for Erik to discuss how research into global trends around FM and the built environment can help building users, owners and occupiers navigate global challenges.

#4 The Evolution of Work and the Workplace Experience

Kate North, EVP, Client Experience at Savills North America and Global Chair of IFMA's Workplace Evolutionaries community, and Erik talk about how this is the time of the hybrid pilot, in which we rethink how we work, and what that means for our workplaces, buildings and the workplace experience.

#3 The Use of BIM in Building Operations

Paul Smeets is Chief Technology Officer at Cadac Group. In this episode, Paul and Erik have a lively discussion on what is driving the adoption of BIM in design, construction and operations, and what architects, constructors and building operators can learn from other disciplines such as mechanical engineering.

#2 Digital Twins in Social Housing

Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS MCIOB, founder and chairman of DiverseCity Surveyors, shares valuable insights on the UK National Digital Twin Programme, a quest for an ‘end-to-end’ green solution that addresses fundamental legislative obligations from an asset management perspective, infused with a 'local' social economic purpose.

#1 Building Connections

Peter Ankerstjerne, Chair of the Board at IFMA and Chief Strategy Officer at Planon, shares his views on the evolving role of the Facility and Workplace Manager, focusing on building connections and balancing challenges in the post-pandemic world.

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