Boosting Corrigenda's positioning through optimised facility services operations

Planon helps Corrigenda to deliver a Total Experience to its customers

Corrigenda Facilities Services has delivered technical facility services to its clients in the United Kingdom since 2000, and is continuously seeking to implement innovation to improve the delivery further. This customer-centric approach demanded a solution that would allow it to better serve its users, enabling the delivery of a 'total experience''.

Planon is enabling us to be the differentiator among our competitors to offer a better service to our customer.
– Mike Dove, Head of IT, Corrigenda Facilities Services

Read this case study to learn why Corrigenda chose the Planon Facility Services Business Solution (FSBS) and get a detailed understanding of the results and benefits it brought to its services delivery operation. Furthermore, see what next steps Corrigenda has planned for leveraging the Planon FSBS solution to continue driving best in class experiences.

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