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How can you benefit from BIM as a Facility Manager?

Facility and property managers are more and more interested in BIM. This is not surprising, BIM models contain a lot of information relevant to them. For example, information about the structure of the building and the properties of each component. However, BIM is also raising many questions. For instance, “How can a BIM help me as a facility or property manager?”

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Inside view of office building with plants.

Next Generation Facility Management Software

All over the world, forward-thinking facility management professionals have turned to facilities management (FM) software to efficiently manage their facilities and real estate portfolios. But many facility management professionals don’t realise that the next generation of facilities management software can also be used to strategically plan for the future of their businesses.

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How to maintain your maintenance

We all know exactly why, when, where and how we need to maintain our car and what are the costs. We make smart and well considered decisions in postponing, combining or advancing its maintenance based on our budget, the risk of engine failure, the projected lifecycle of the car and several other factors.

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Seethrough 3D view of building with streams of data

The Quantified Building

What is actually happening in Internet of Things (IoT)-related technology and how can you plan for its adoption? This article originally ran in the FMJ, the official magazine of the International Facility Management Association.

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Building a credible business case

Before selecting and implementing an IWMS, it’s recommended to build a business case including internal and external costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits from at least a three year perspective.

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Six ways CAFM delivers business benefits to the boardroom

The many advantages of CAFM software are often clear to Facility and Real Estate Managers (reduced costs, greater efficiency and accurate reporting), but getting buy-in from your board to invest in Computer Aided Facility Management can be a challenge.

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BIM for real estate and facility managers

With everyone talking about Building Information Modelling (BIM), the question is what advantages, as a facility or real estate manager, will materialise from this model during the management and maintenance phase of your buildings. Learn more about the possibilities of linking a BIM with your Facility Management Software. 14:29 English

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How to guide - How to make software demos work

Are you considering purchasing an IWMS? Or planning to replace your existing CAFM software as it doesn’t meet your needs? In both cases a well thought purchase process starts with understanding your requirements, writing the business case, setting a budget, allocating resources and building a solid project plan including a vendor selection procedure.

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View on garden and greenhouse building.

ERP versus IWMS

What are the real differences between an ERP and an IWMS? What relevant choices should be made when considering using your ERP for secondary business processes? Based on three different perspectives (business, IT and investment), this e-book is a guide to help you make a sound choice to suit your long-term goals, and to reduce any risk of failure during implementation and operation goals, and to reduce any risk of failure during implementation and operation.

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Maintenance worker checking air conditioning data on a tablet.

How to speed up dealing with fault reports

Are you amongst those who struggle to deal with fault reports in time? Do you wonder how you are going to fulfil Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Do you sometimes close a report before the problem has been fully dealt with, simply to meet a KPI? Download a free copy of this how to guide to get tips which can help to make your work orders process run more efficiently.

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