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Defining Your Campus Management Technology Needs

E-book - Operating a Campus of the Future

Universities are facing big challenges when it comes to their physical and digital campus infrastructures. Changing expectations, increasing demand for new technologies, new educational models, as well as shifts in how students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding communities want to use campus space. All this creates a complicated web of needs and priorities that campus management professionals must be able to understand and address.

But, how future-ready are higher education institutions to meet these challenges? How can an integrated campus management system play a significant role in this?

A true integrated campus management solution supports campus-related processes and management requirements within areas such as:

  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Lease accounting management (FASB, IFRS)
  • Capital project management
  • Campus location awareness management and space planning
  • Campus maintenance management
  • Services and event management
  • Safety and security management
  • Integration and support for evolving technology initiatives (IoT, Analytics, 5G, BIM, CAD, AI)

Check out this full e-book to learn more about integrated campus management systems and explore a maturity framework to help you and your teams better understand your university’s campus management strengths and needs.

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