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Achieving Excellence in Delivery of Client Experiences with Hospitality-Driven Services

Deriving Value from Technology-driven FM Service Delivery

Digital technology is transforming the delivery of service outcomes for IFM and workplace solutions, especially in the high-growth and tech-centric markets of the DACH region. However, many organizations are struggling to keep up with this trend and lack comprehension of the connection between technology and a modern business model.

The challenge is in providing an engaging and sustainable workplace while optimizing buildings and assets at the same time. Planon collaborated with Frost & Sullivan on a Virtual Think Tank event that invited experts from Apleona, Dr. Sasse, Vebego, WISAG to discuss topics centered on the evolution of FM services and the critical role of technology in driving the transformation towards hospitality-driven services. 

In this interactive session, experts exchanged ideas on the following pressing questions:

  • What are the areas where digital technology solutions are enabling new service offerings and diversification opportunities? 
  • How might technology integration move beyond efficiency and accuracy of IFM service delivery to help improve the client experience? 
  • What role do you see for emerging technologies like digital twins to add value to IFM delivery? 
  • To what extent is the FM services industry properly equipped to provide sustainability or energy management consulting services to clients? 
  • How can service providers broaden partnerships with corporate stakeholders to become custodians of facility and customer experiences, and new workplace strategies? 

Meet our expert panel:

  • Carl Müller, Business Development Strategy Manager at Apleona 
  • Michael Lackner, Managing Director at Dr. Sasse 
  • Sascha Lienhard, Head of Sales and Solution FM at Vebego 
  • Dr. Eckhart Morré, Managing Director at WISAG  
  • Nush Cekdemir, Commercial Director International at Planon
  • John Raspin, Partner, Energy & Environment at Frost & Sullivan

Get your free copy (PDF, English only) of the key findings from Frost & Sullivan by filling out the form on this page.

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