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Lease accounting compliance

This article discusses the changes that the new IFRS, GASB and FASB lease accounting standards will impose on real estate lease practices. Their implications encompass more than merely reporting—effects from the new standards will impact decision-making procedures as well as lease administration processes themselves.

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Get in control of your real estate, lease contracts and financial obligations

Discover more about the actual situation within corporate real estate, new challenges of corporate real estate managers, as well as upcoming changes that will influence the real estate landscape.

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Assessment - Are you in control of your real estate?

It is increasingly important to have a solid real estate management strategy. Real estate managers must stay within budget and report accurate numbers for crucial and expensive decisions. So transparency in your portfolio is crucial to ensure that you are in control. Answer these six simple questions to find out whether you are truly in control of your real estate.

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Adopting BIM for Facility Management

Facility managers are advised to approach BIM adoption as an information management exercise. Start small whenever possible and prioritize: think about the biggest problem to address first or the most appealing opportunity to materialize.

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Point Solutions or Integrated Solution: Important Differences

What are the real differences between a specialized point solution and more integrated software handling all aspects of real estate and facility management? More importantly, what differentiators are relevant to your specific choice?

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ERP versus IWMS: Compete or Complete?

Does your current software or ERP system handle your secondary business processes effectively? Weigh your options and take a look at ERP and IWMS from three different perspectives: business, IT, and investment.

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How can you benefit from BIM as a Facility Manager?

Both a BIM and IWMS systems use data for multiple processes throughout a building’s lifecycle. Facility and property managers are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits to maintenance and operations that integrating the two systems can bring.

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No Benchmarking without the right data

An increasing number of organizations are looking for insights into their real estate portfolios. However, insight into property is not enough; without some context, it is impossible to identify real estate improvement potential, implement the focused actions, and evaluate the results.

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Building a credible business case

Before selecting and implementing an IWMS, it’s recommended to build a business case including internal and external costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits from at least a three year perspective.

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The Quantified Building

This article from the Facility Management Journal tackles the question of what is actually happening in Internet of Things-related technology and how can you plan for its adoption? The “Quantified Building” is one result of IoT.

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Demonstrating The Value in FM

One of the things facilities professionals typically struggle with is the feeling they don’t have a great impact on the overall bottom line of a company, when in fact, they have one of the most impactful jobs in the company. From the connection to human resources, security, safety, and IT, the facility management department is an important value-adding part of any organization.

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How to maintain your maintenance

We all know exactly why, when, where, and how we maintain our car and for what costs. We make smart and well considered decisions in postponing, combining, or advancing maintenance based on our budget, the risk of engine failure, the projected lifecycle of the car, and several other factors.

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Next Generation Facilities Management Software

All over the world, forward-thinking facility management professionals have turned to facilities management software to efficiently manage their facilities and real estate portfolios. But many facility management professionals don’t realize that the next generation of facilities management software can also be used to strategically plan for the future of their businesses.

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Understanding FASB's impact on facilities

In this webinar you will learn more about FASB’s impact on facilities. New accounting standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are requiring companies and organizations to include lease obligations on their balance sheets, changing lease accounting to be more complex than it used to be. We'll show you the practical implications of this on your real estate and facilities. (24:16)

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