University balconies with glass windows.

Defining the Needs of a Campus of the Future

New Research on Campus Management Requirements

Higher education in the United States and globally is being battered by a confluence of forces including changing economics, demographics, technology, new infrastructure, and changing educational objectives. It is no longer a question of whether traditional concepts and campus design—which have taken shape over the past several hundred years—need to change. Instead, the focus must be on to what extent these traditional campus concepts of campus design must transform to successfully address the emerging needs in all these areas.

Planon assembled a Blue Ribbon Panel of higher education experts—with varied perspectives and many years of experience—to research and define contemporary campus management needs, as well as the changes in higher education imperatives as more universities seek to adapt and become future-proof.

The panel focused on five attributes of the campus—people, place, technology, education, and economics—and gives recommendations around how a campus management system must evolve to meet the changing needs from these perspectives.

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