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Checklist for an effective workplace re-entry plan

Checklist for an effective workplace re-entry plan

Facility teams are facing one of the biggest challenges of their careers. In this COVID-19 era, they are the frontrunners in adapting to the new now and facilitating a new way of working that is continuously changing. Now employees are using a hybrid form of working (at home and at the office) and the need for creating a safe and effective workplace plan weighs heavily on their shoulders. This is far more complex than just adjusting floor plans and limiting room capacity. A strategic plan should include the following nine areas:

- Service Request Management
- Cleaning Management
- Home Office Support
- Visitor Management
- Indoor Air Quality Management
- Stock Management
- Space & Workspace Management
- Meeting Management
- Access Management

To support facility teams in the creation of their workplace plans, we have developed an infographic that shows a comprehensive checklist with 40 use cases based on these nine areas. Going through the use cases gives you insight into the actions required to create a responsible workplace strategy.

Please click here to view the infographic.

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