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Planon Universe includes for all software solutions a suite of best practices called Accelerator, accelerating the initial implementation and driving continuous innovation to improve your organisation’s performance. 

Accelerator brings over 35 years’ of combined experience in 2,500 worldwide implementations into a standardised best practice that includes proven and ready-to-use processes. Accelerator provides pre-configured processes, including workflows, catalogues, reports, dashboards, templates, roles, authorisations, data import facilities and configuration descriptions. It provides the tools to run operations efficiently and effectively. 

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Client cases | 23/09/2015
Case Study - Danfoss

Martin Hansgaard, Consultant Portfolio: "With the Planon solution, we have a consistent and high quality worldwide repository of all real estate master data." 

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Blogs | 09/02/2017
Are you ready for the Internet of Money?

All industries will be affected by a new layer of the internet, called the Internet of Money, but nothing has more potential to be transformed than real estate. 

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Brochures | 01/06/2020
Brochure - Planon corporate brochure

A leading global software supplier, Planon helps organisations to streamline business processes for buildings, people and workplaces. Planon’s innovative solutions are proven to deliver improved efficiency and cost reduction. 

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