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Redney Janssen

Business Development Director ESG

Redney Janssen, the Business Development Director for ESG at Planon, is at the forefront of driving sustainability and operational efficiency in the digital era. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics and over 15 years of IT project management experience, Redney brings a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic vision to his role.

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In his current position as Business Development Director ESG, Redney leads Planon's global business development activities for ESG.

Redney has a clear mission: to integrate sustainability seamlessly into business operations and contribute to a more environmentally and socially responsible future. To achieve this goal, he collaborates closely with stakeholders, partners, and customers, addressing shared challenges and opportunities related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices .

Previously serving as Services Manager at Planon, Redney managed pivotal projects for Planon's Integrated Workplace Management Solution at renowned organisations such as Heineken, Vodafone Ziggo, and Just Eat Takeaway. His operational management skills and a keen eye for detail make him a trusted advisor in the digital transformation journey.

Redney's commitment extends beyond his professional responsibilities. He authored ‘Projectmanagement: waarom, wat, hoe & met wie, meer is het niet,’ reflecting his dedication to sharing insights not just within the company but with a broader audience.

In essence, Redney Janssen is more than a business development leader; he's a catalyst for positive change, aligning Planon's vision with the global imperative for sustainable business practices.

Redney is a proud dad of two. And as well as having quite a busy family life, he is a cyclist by nature. He comes from a cycling family, still participates in numerous cycling competitions and is also part of the Planon Cycling team. He loves to travel and to discover different cultures across the globe. The foundation of his own book has to do with social psychology, that’s why learning and being able to understand different cultures is very much of interest to him.