Digital wayfinding for campuses and large buildings

About MazeMap

This digital wayfinding solution boosts productivity and improves the experience for occupants and visitors at campus sites and in large buildings such as universities, hospitals, offices and conference venues, by making it easier for them to navigate from A to B, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor visualisation and wayfinding is an important element in occupant-centric processes and services like room reservations, workplace booking and visitor management. Combining MazeMap’s digital wayfinding solution with Planon’s platform enables organisations to offer a valuable navigation solution and enhanced experience to building users.

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Key features

  • Navigation: A to B navigation allows users to find a room or point of interest at campuses. This saves on time looking for a specific location within a large, complex building and enhances the user/visitor experience.
  • Consultation: Users can gain easy access to relevant facility management (FM) information from Planon and building managers can easily locate important assets via the digital wayfinding solution.
  • Visualisation: Space details and workspace information such as space/workspace number, type, current status and reservation information in Planon Universe can be queried and displayed directly in MazeMap. This enables users to find and book the closest available rooms to their location and easily navigate to the chosen room, saving time.
  • Automatic update of indoor maps from Planon to MazeMap based on AutoCAD drawings that are linked within Planon Universe. This creates a single source of truth, reduces maintenance efforts and guarantees up-to-date and accurate maps in MazeMap.
  • Facility and asset managers can use MazeMap’s features to integrate with third-party applications, such as alarm systems. If an alarm is triggered, security will be sent to the location pin-pointed on the map.

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To use and integrate this app with your Planon solution(s), you need to purchase both MazeMap and the connector Planon Connect for MazeMap. Please get in contact with your accountmanager at Planon to purchase Planon Connect for MazeMap, or use the Contact button above for more information.

About MazeMap

MazeMap is a global provider of digital wayfinding solutions for large campuses such as universities, hospitals, offices, and conference venues. MazeMap is paving the way for innovation by accommodating a number of high-tech integrations, which allow for data visualisation, FMS integration, and building management solutions.

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