17 June 2020

Planon develops comprehensive set of 40 use cases for a safe and controlled workplace re-entry strategy

June 17, 2020 – Planon announced that it has released 40 use cases within its Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) product, that Planon clients can easily configure themselves to support a safe and compliant workplace re-entry. While fully returning to the office is still a longer-term project for some, many organisations are tasked with preparing multi-faceted and phased approaches to workplace re-entry, that comply with the advice and regulations from global and local health agencies and governments.

White Paper - Planon use cases for a Pandemic Response

Leverage all the potential of your Planon software to ensure business continuity and support business recovery in times of a pandemic response.


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‘With this comprehensive series of use-cases we can enrich our existing Planon solution and strategise how we will re-open our workplaces in a safe and phased way,’ said Romy van Overbeek, Facility Manager, Royal Ahold Delhaize NV.

A successful workplace re-entry strategy is far more complex than just adjusting floor plans and room capacity and relates to many adjacent processes. Planon’s use cases support real estate and facilities teams in taking a holistic approach across their portfolio in this critical effort, utilising functionality in nine pivotal processes supported within Planon’s IWMS:

  • Visitor Management
  • Access Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Space & Workplace Management
  • Cleaning Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Service Request Management
  • Stock Management
  • Home Office Support

‘It’s Planon’s mission to be a partner for our customers in improving and digitising their building operations, creating healthy and engaging workplaces for their building users, and making the best use of their critical resources,’ said Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon. ‘Planon is proud to step up and support the needs of our user community as we tackle this global challenge together.’

Planon continues to develop new use cases for pandemic response and control in the workplace. If you’d like an overview of what Planon can offer, download our free resource here.

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