Portrait of Pierre Guelen, Planon CEO.

Pierre Guelen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pierre Guelen, CEO and founder of Planon, leads global operations and shapes the company's strategic vision. His active role in elevating the facility management industry and highlighting the importance of real estate in business success has earned Planon numerous awards, including recognition as one of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies.

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Pierre Guelen, the CEO and founder of Planon, spearheads the company's global operations and oversees its strategic direction. From humble beginnings in 1982, when he established Planon in his attic using an early IBM computer, Pierre has been a driving force in increasing the profile of the facility management and real estate software industry.

Under his leadership, Planon has become a leader in the industry, winning multiple awards, including being honoured as one of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies. Pierre Guelen was educated at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch and Rotterdam, earning a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Despite his busy schedule, Pierre remains hands-on and regularly visits all the Planon branches worldwide, demonstrating his commitment to the company and its employees. He enjoys exploring other cultures and people in communities recent to the company, learning something new every time.

Pierre's dedication to his team is also reflected in his involvement in company events, such as the Planon ski trips or the yearly Strong Viking obstacle run. He can often be found at the Planon headquarters, sitting down for lunch with colleagues or joining them at the Planon bar on Fridays.

Overall, Pierre's leadership, vision, and dedication have been integral to Planon's success, as the company continues to expand globally and shape the future of the facility management and real estate software industry.