Adapting your workplace to the 'New Now'

During this COVID-19 crisis, much is being asked of real estate and facilities teams. Many of our customers are tasked with supporting and implementing new safety measures and processes to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Our highest priority is to support you as Planon customers during these challenging times and provide you with the latest information and use cases within Planon software, to help you and your teams address your changing real estate and facilities needs.

Watch this video to hear from Planon’s CEO Pierre Guelen and our Solution Director for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management, David Stillebroer as they walk you through some examples of Planon Use Cases that you can configure in your IWMS solution today to support your workplace re-entry strategy.

Supporting you in every phase

Real estate and facilities teams play a major role in every phase of the crisis cycle. Below you see a chart of what we’ve seen so far. Organisations have had to adapt to the cancellation of office activities and support their employees by enabling them to work from home. Organisations have leaned on their facilities teams to keep business critical facilities and processes in place. Now we are entering a time where the focus is shifting to business recovery and Planon is here to support you and your teams as you create and launch a workplace re-entry strategy.

Pandemic response resources

Keeping our buildings healthy as we recover

Buildings can’t catch COVID-19, but they may end up suffering from it. Neglect is a problem for buildings. They may not suffer wear and tear from humans during this time, but they remain subject to natural elements – wind, rain, freeze-thaw cycles – and to vandalism, break-ins and other malicious acts. 

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IFMA Foundation - Pandemic Manual

The IFMA Foundation has published a new pandemic survival guide for companies planning to open their facilities and resume operations. This manual also includes an appendix article from Planon that explores workplace re-entry strategy from a technology perspective. 

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White Paper - Planon use cases for a Pandemic Response

View this executive summary to learn how you can leverage Planon software to ensure business continuity and support business recovery in times of a pandemic response. This summary also includes an overview of the Planon Use Cases that support your workplace re-entry strategy. 

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Business continuity with Planon Remote Lifecycle Services

We are proud to be your trusted partner in providing high-quality lifecycle services for your Planon solution. Planon is also experienced in delivering these services to you remotely. To ensure the success of these customer projects, Planon utilises the Planon Remote Implementation Method (PRIM), which echoes our proven project methodology, AIM – Accelerator Implementation Method. Our comprehensive Remote Managed Services is also available for all functional, application, and technical management activities.

The Planon Remote Implementation Method (PRIM) and Remote Managed Services consists of processes and tools that enable us to deliver services to you on-time, within budget and within the agreed scope and deliverables.

You can benefit from Planon’s Remote Services in these key areas:

  • Your business continuity: services are time-and-place-independent
  • Cost savings: no travel costs, no expenses, and optimised planning
  • Sustainability: supports 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including decrease in carbon emissions, no travel risks, and better work-life balance
  • Agile way of working: highly scalable and flexible composition of services

The Planon Cloud deployment combined with the market-leading collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, empowers us to manage, configure, share data, provide training, and cooperate together efficiently and securely in real-time.

Many Planon customers have already taken advantage of our remote services. 

Remote Services Resources

Brochure - Planon Lifecycle Services

Planon offers a series of services that unburden organisations during the full solution lifecycle. With these services, Planon brings the required experience, knowledge and continuity to aim for the optimum in utilising your Planon solution. 

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What's new | 07/05/2020
Planon Remote Learning Solutions

Planon has remote learning offerings to ensure continuous learning and personal development for our customers whenever and wherever they want. Take a look at our short video for an overview of all available options. 

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Brochure - Planon E-learning

In addition to traditional classroom training, either on-site or at any Planon training centre, Planon also offers an innovative and easy-to-access e-learning service. This allows users to access courses which are aligned to their need and availability, anytime and anywhere. 

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Planon Connect for Analytics: reports, dashboards, BI and analytics at your fingertips

In 2019 Planon released a new connector that allows seamless and straightforward integration with BI and analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Qlik. For customers, this means you can simply use the tools you already have to create reports and analysis across all Planon solutions. Since the initial launch, Planon has configured a series of practical examples, including COVID-19 reports, that are freely available to you.

Watch this video to learn how easily you can connect your existing BI and analytics tools with Planon Universe, design your own reports and dashboards, and view examples.

Interested in a free trial? Contact your account manager today. 

Expand your knowledge

Brochure - Planon Connect for Analytics

View this brochure on Planon Connect for Analytics to learn more about how Planon connects with BI and analytics tools for making informed decisions and predicting the future.

Brochure - Planon Live

View this brochure on Planon Live to learn more about how you can benefit from new software features without upgrading issues.

Brochure - Planon Cloud

View this brochure on Planon Cloud to learn more about achieving greater business continuity, security, scalability, and performance for a lower TCO.


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