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Smart Sustainable Building Management solutions

With our Smart Sustainable Building Management solutions, we create places where people work, live, play and learn, that are:

  • Efficient, attractive, responsive and profitable
  • Engaging, safe, healthy and resilient
  • Sustainable and environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliant
  • Powered by data and information

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Proven experience and solutions

You will benefit from our proven track record of 38 years in real estate and facility management software and our worldwide team of experienced professionals that work with a myriad of well-known, global customers. You will receive a timely, in-budget implementation thanks to our best practices and our experience with customers in many industries. Our future-proof software evolves with your organization and will bring you low total cost of ownership.

Innovative technology from a thought-leading supplier

Experience the innovations that result from our continuous high investment in research & development and our drive to make technology work more efficiently for our customers. You will have the opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge solutions in areas such as BIM, mobile apps and sensor technology to further increase cost efficiency and workforce productivity. Integration within your IT landscape will be seamless, increasing data consistency, allowing real-time processing, and delivering valuable management information.

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Easy-to-use solutions and accessible support

Your users will benefit from our role-based and intuitive system interaction on devices, matched to their expectations and needs. Training requirements will be low due to our focus on consistency and simplicity in software ergonomics combined with an extensive e-learning offerings. You will have a single point of contact and professional 24/7 worldwide support during both the implementation and operational phases of your solution.


We strongly believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. We participate in a wide range of leading networks, industry associations and research platforms. By actively connecting to the market, we can align our products and services with national and international standards developed by bodies such as Gartner, IFMA, CoreNet, IWFM, LEED, BREEAM, ARSEG, ADI, GEFMA, FMA and FMN. Our involvement in global research programs and networks supports us in developing innovative software solutions and technologies that meet ever-changing customer and market needs.

We build connections. With each other, with our customers and partners, and with our communities worldwide.

Proud member of IFMA.

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Proud to be IWFM corporate member.