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Carglass®: “Delights its customers and increases core business continuity with Accelerator”

Carglass®, part of the Belron® Group, the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, operates on 5 continents in 31 countries and has a team of over 25.000 employees. Carglass®’ goals are to delight its customers by delivering service that surpasses expectations. As a result of this focus, Carglass® has won the prestigious European Quality Leader Award.

Facility Management (FM) at Carglass® oversees three areas that are directly connected with its core business. FM is responsible for maintaining all service locations and production related assets. Any malfunction can immediately impact the customer service, so well planned and executed preventative maintenance is critical. In case any reactive maintenance occurs, the processing needs to be as efficient as possible to avoid standstills. Maintenance and soft services are outsourced to service providers and FM needs to consistently monitor the quality, costs, and performances of these contracts.

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