Schneider Electric and Planon Announce Strategic Collaboration

~ Global Leaders in facility optimization software and integrated workplace management software (IWMS) jointly create a true smart building management solution across the building value chain. Connecting the dots around smart buildings for building owners, building occupiers and real estate service providers, to enable stronger, more informed business decisions across the real estate portfolio. ~

March 13, 2019 - Schneider Electric and Planon announced today that they will work together to bring a unique platform to market that will converge real-time building data and AI-driven analytics with intelligent business responses, creating day-to-day operational workflows for building operators, building occupiers, and their service providers. This collaboration will further enable organizations to implement data driven strategic portfolio decisions, reduce building operating costs, enhance the value of assets throughout their life cycle, enhance building sustainability profiles, and improve the workplace experience for occupants.

“Schneider Electric breaks away as a leader in our Green Quadrant Facility Optimization Software report,” said Derrek Clarke, Senior Analyst at Verdantix. “Firms with complex operations that seek to future-proof their building system investments should shortlist Schneider Electric among their considered vendors.”

“In the 2019 Green Quadrant on IWMS solutions, Verdantix finds that Planon is a consistently strong performer across end-to-end real estate management,” said Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst at Verdantix. “Planon has a strong offering on many of the core IWMS applications such as portfolio management, capital project management, space management and workplace services.”

The initial collaboration combines Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor – a Building Management System (BMS) and agnostic advisory platform – which connects people and technology collaboratively – and Planon Universe – an integrated software platform to optimize real estate, workplace, and facility management services performances. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor is designed to help maximize building efficiency, improve sustainability, and enhance employee well-being and productivity over a building’s lifecycle. The Planon Universe IWMS provides functionality for financing and running processes in real estate-, space and workplace-, maintenance-, services- and sustainability management, including full-chain integration of systems and business analytics capabilities for real estate decision-makers, building occupiers and service providers. Through this joint proposition, Schneider Electric and Planon now offer a full-service, innovative cloud-based solution, which provides automated actionable intelligence for the maintenance and operational management of buildings. The combined solution drives process optimization, sustainability, cost efficiency, and higher occupant satisfaction.  

“Schneider Electric is pleased to announce this collaboration with Planon, which further solidifies our position as a leading solution provider to the real estate market,” said Michael Sullivan, President, Buildings Segments for Schneider Electric. “The initial joint solution will bring together our expertise to help building owners, occupiers, real estate service providers, asset managers, and facility managers to improve the financial performance of their real estate portfolios by taking key building data from Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Building Advisor and providing it to Planon Universe to enable swift business responses to building infrastructure events.”

“At Planon, it is our goal to help organizations streamline business processes around buildings, people, and workplaces,” said Pierre Guelen, Chief Executive Officer of Planon. “Our collaboration with Schneider Electric will help us to provide even more value to customers by real-time management of building infrastructure events, predicting failures, and prescribing maintenance interventions for them while proactively recommending efficiency improvements. Both Schneider Electric and Planon have built up unique experience over past decades in this market. Our combined experience over thousands of buildings brings unparalleled expertise bundled in a single seamless solution, which we believe will deliver rapid, real world results to our clients.

Schneider Electric and Planon’s joint solution will transform buildings into productive resources by using equipment diagnostics combined with pre-defined business rules to automate directed interventions on HVAC assets. This combination immediately improves building performances and operational efficiency across the real estate portfolio. Beyond the initial collaboration, the companies plan to extend their integrations to other Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Advisors enabling further maintenance and energy efficiency, enhanced sustainability planning, and an improved workplace experience.

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