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Book - Work on the Move 2

Work on the Move 2 is the follow-up to the well-received publication Work on the Move which was published by the IFMA Foundation in 2011. This second edition is the collaborative effort that brings together global workplace experts to analyze how work is changing, the impact it’s having on the workplace and how facility professionals can respond. The book provides facility professionals with tools that will allow them to become more strategic leaders in the ongoing workplace revolution.

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Webinar: Work on the Move 2

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Chapter 5: The Real Estate Paradox

David Karpook, one of Planon’s strategic business consultants, co-authored a chapter on “The Real Estate Paradox: Options and Investments.”

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Chapter 8 - Technologies Driving Smart Futures

Chapter 8: Technologies Driving Smart Futures

Erik Jaspers, responsible for Planon’s strategy and innovation, authored a chapter on “Technologies Driving Smart Futures.”

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Chapter 11: The Future of Work on the Move

Nancy Johnson Sanquist, VP of Global Strategic Marketing, was a co-editor of the book and also co-authored two chapters, including “Moving Forward with Wendy

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