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IWMS: Enabling a New Relationship between People, Process, and Place

The New Integrated Workplace Management System Solution

Since its christening in 2004, IWMS systems have been constantly expanding their reach in business and institutional environments. New types of professionals are utilizing the benefits of IWMS and with the help of recent technologies (including the cloud, mobile applications, social networks, analytics, big data, and the Internet of Things), not only is it easier, but it is now expected that applications can fully share information from a variety of sources.

Meet I2WMS in this article, where integration (the “I” and most important aspect in IWMS), has grown to include new interactions and intersections between all assets. The brainchild of Planon - people, process, and place are at the center of the new I2WMS concept, and new and evolving technologies, such as IoT, AI, BIM, Blockchain, Cloud, and Mobile are contributing to the transformation of our industry in infinite amount of ways.

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This article originally ran in the FMJ, the official magazine of the International Facility Management Association.

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