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The Right Fit: How three universities conquered the search for a new FM & RE solution

Finding a Strategic Technology Partner in Planon

Building a lasting partnership to support the technologies of today and tomorrow

“Yes, we chose the system that was the best fit for Brown. But, once the results of the functionality assessment were complete, it became more about the people in the company we would work with than the technology itself.” – Brown University

Many RE & FM departments are stuck “making it work” with outdated RE and FM systems that do not provide the right data or give the full picture of their current situations. However, upgrading to a new system is a massive undertaking that requires careful research and internal knowledge of the necessary requirements to even begin looking for the right solution fit.

So, how is it that three universities – all with unique requirements – came to select Planon’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS) to address their FM & RE needs? This article explores the priorities and selection processes of three universities: Brown University, Dartmouth College, and California Polytechnic State University.

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