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Jos Knops

Solution Marketing Consultant

Jos has been working in the international IWMS/CAFM industry for 30 years in various positions including R&D, consultancy, sales and marketing. Jos started at Planon in 2005 and is responsible for product positioning and go-to-market strategies and is an active participant in many local and global IWMS related networks.

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The combined interest in architecture, real estate, and workplace innovation with information technology and digitalisation has been Jos’s passion and driving ambition throughout his long career. He has an intrinsic interest in applying technology to create a better, safer, and more sustainable workplace experience for people and organisations.

With his broad and longstanding experience in the IWMS and CAFM industry, he continuously initiates strategic projects to improve Planon’s responses to changing market requirements. His strong relationship with external analysts and contribution to international RE/FM networks make him a well-respected thought leader in the industry. Jos has extensive public speaking experience for large audiences at conferences, exhibitions, and networking events across Europe. He writes highly valued content and has produced many blogs, white papers and thought leading articles in a wide range of business publications.

Meeting around cyber technology

Why technology will be your right hand and source of knowledge in 2022

12 May 2021 | Jos Knops

Technology will be your best friend in 2022. Hence it is important to Real Estate and Facility Management to get acquainted with that friend in good time.

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People doing a puzzle representing a light to demonstrate team work and conceptual ideas

Point Solutions or an integrated solution, why choose?

15 April 2021 | Jos Knops

New technological innovations have revolutionised the way we think about real estate IT strategies. This blog explains why using an IWMS capable of integrating PropTech is the starting point for future-proofing your real estate and facility management.

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Man signing a document on a desk.

To measure is to know … nothing!

10 October 2019 | Jos Knops

In this blog I am going to talk about the renowned proverb ‘to measure is to know’. Within Facility and Real Estate Management, we seem to consider this of high importance. Read this blog to know why!

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Group of people exchanging about notes and data

3 Trends that will change facility and real estate management

11 July 2019 | Jos Knops

Technology and information management are playing an increasingly important role in facility and real estate management - but what challenges will we face in the coming years?

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Real Estate in London using Smart Buildings

How real estate managers take control of their real estate portfolios

04 April 2019 | Jos Knops

Real estate can now be regarded as an organisation’s fifth production factor. This makes the role of the real estate manager increasingly important.

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Skyline of Smart Buildings in Boston Waterfront

ERP software vs. IWMS: Do you know the differences?

20 December 2018 | Jos Knops

For many organisations, the costs involved in Facility and Real Estate Management account for more than 20% of the total expenditure. Automation should enable managers to significantly educe these costs while at the same time increasing the organisation’s productivity.

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Business people discussing the sustainable working place

3 developments causing the Real Estate and Facility Management domain to change

19 October 2017 | Jos Knops

Facility and property managers should take three underlying developments into account to explain how their domain is changing over the next five years.

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Maintenance worker checking safety requirements on mobile

How to establish the core of your reactive maintenance process

06 July 2017 | Jos Knops

Reactive maintenance is a given thing, as assets will fail sooner or later. How do you establish the core of your maintenance process?

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Women signing a document on a desk

How to get your contract management repository in place

22 June 2017 | Jos Knops

What actions should you undertake to set up your contract management repository in order to get the basics in place for effective maintenance management?

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Maintenance man doing mechanic check

How to build a structured asset repository

15 June 2017 | Jos Knops

Getting the basics in place for your maintenance management starts with building a structured repository of your assets. Learn how to build one.

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