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OrthoGraph is the one-stop source of operational BIM – even for buildings that are already in use. Get in control by capturing any building with speed and accuracy using simple and rugged tools, and create accurate 3D BIM data including RFID inventory. Stay in control with OrthoGraph’s operational BIM data built into the everyday facility management and maintenance management workflows. This helps the crew to navigate to the maintenance points faster and reduces the time spent on the work by providing access to photos and relevant parametric and graphical information.

Accurate area and surface information provides data for rental services as well as for renovations and refurbishments. Building data can be measured and inventoried rapidly (2,000m2/day per surveyor) and directly accessed from OrthoGraph’s Operational BIM in Planon. Any changes to the building can be updated in Planon with a simple click of a button.

Owners of large buildings such as hospitals, universities, shopping malls, office buildings or public institutions can benefit from real-life, accurate data to achieve savings comparable to the original construction costs of these buildings over the long-term operational period. Meanwhile, increased service levels will ensure the competitiveness of such buildings. The payback period is a matter of months, and the first value creation starts during the surveying work.

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Asset and Maintenance
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Key features

  • Create a 3D operational BIM model
  • Draw and measure floorplans
  • Create a graphical inventory with barcoding or RFID
  • Record custom data about any inventory or graphical element
  • Instant reports on-site including measured and calculated data at any time
  • Visualize all data on-site using mobile technology and in the office in a web browser
  • Data modifications are made at the place of work by the regular maintenance crew
  • Simple workflows and low-cost and rugged tools for surveying and inventory
  • Share any element using a simple link for easy communication
  • 3D pipe and tube measurement to support maintenance operations
  • One-click data migration and update in Planon
  • Integrate with any systems needing updated building information including BMS, access control, meeting room management, etc.
  • Take a snapshot of the BIM at any time and export it in IFC, DXF or Excel formats

OrthoGraph’s operational BIM models are accessible on mobile devices and web browsers, editable on-site where the changes happen and integrated with Planon for effective operation  The 3D view in OrthoGraph is a great help in finding maintenance points. Tapping any element on the screen will bring up its properties, photos and videos to speed up the maintenance crew’s work  OrthoGraph’s Operational BIM model can be used to guide the maintenance crew to the job site, where users can then access and record all the data related to the maintenance or removal task  Relevant photos, videos, audio files or parametric data are accessible at the job site. This increases the speed and quality of the maintenance services. When done, all changes can be recorded on-site  OrthoGraph’s surveying components are simple, low-cost and rugged data management tools. All these devices help the maintenance crew to update the building-related data while working


  • Mobile app: iPad (preferred), iPhone or Android
  • System requirements: Compatible web browsers are Safari, Chrome and MS Edge

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About OrthoGraph

OrthoGraph’s BIM ecosystem delivers real-life graphical building and inventory data during the total building lifecycle, both on-site and in the cloud. Highly reduces facility management costs by digitising property data and operation workflows with low-cost, accurate as-built survey technology, run by your maintenance crew, all integrated.

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