Erik Jaspers is Global Product Strategy Director.

Erik Jaspers

Global Product Strategy Director

For the past 24 years, Erik Jaspers has worked for Planon in several leadership positions focused on the development of Planon’s software solutions. Erik is a member of the IFMA EMEA Board and an IFMA Fellow.

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Erik has been working in IT for over 40 years, with experience in software development, software product management, and product strategy. He has held senior management positions in several companies, including Philips Electronics, before joining Planon over 24 years ago. In his current role as Global Product Strategy Director at Planon, he is responsible for introducing innovative solutions for real estate and facility management.

Erik's passion lies in finding new solutions to existing problems and identifying new problems that arise from innovations. He firmly believes that understanding and describing problems is an essential step in developing effective solutions. Throughout his career, Erik has contributed to multiple publications on IT and facility management, including IFMA publications such as 'Work on the Move' and 'Technology for Facility Managers' and the GEFMA publications 'CAFM-Handbuch' and 'BIM im Immobilienbetrieb'. He authored articles on technology for FM for magazines like FMJ and the Corporate Real Estate Journal.

In addition to his written contributions, Erik is a regular speaker at real estate and facility management conferences worldwide, sharing his expertise on topics such as software innovation, software product strategy, and agile software development. He is also an IFMA Fellow, a member of the IFMA EMEA Board, a member of the IFMA IT Community leadership team, and a Special Advisor to the IFMA Foundation Board of Trustees.

Erik's educational background in mechanical engineering and extensive experience in IT and software development have made him a highly respected and sought-after expert in the field. His work at Planon, combined with his publications and speaking engagements, have helped to shape the future of real estate and facility management, making him a valuable contributor to the industry.

Erik is not only a seasoned IT professional and author with a passion for software innovation and product strategy, but he also leads an active lifestyle. He regularly participates in the Planon gym lessons and enjoys golf in his free time (but not too often). Erik has a keen interest in culture and theatre and has acting as a hobby. He is married and has four children. Whether he is working on the latest technology trends or exploring new forms of artistic expression, Erik brings the same level of curiosity and dedication to everything he does.

Office hallway with coloured meeting spaces.

4 tips for a successful IWMS implementation

04 March 2021 | Erik Jaspers

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from companies who are interested in Planon’s IWMS solution is: ‘How do we get it successfully implemented?’

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Who will operate the Building Internet of Things - Facility management or IT?

05 March 2020 | Erik Jaspers

New generations of smart assets will have a huge influence on the FM and IT profession as we know it today.

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Highlighting differences: Big Data versus Analytics

12 September 2019 | Erik Jaspers

Large amounts of data are being stored within Real Estate and Facility Management systems and will continue to grow. ‘Big Data’ and ‘Analytics’ were also brought into life. But what are the differences between these terms and what they mean?

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A conversation about employee productivity 2.0: ‘human performance’

22 August 2019 | Erik Jaspers

These are turbulent times for Real Estate and Facility Managers. In this blog we dive into the conversation we had with Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Corporate Research with JLL and talk about the trends and metrics that will matter soon.

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Getting the c-level “on board” with corporate real estate strategy

17 June 2019 | Erik Jaspers

This blog summarises our discussion with real estate expert René Buck. He shares how societal developments are currently leading to companies revising their location policies, and how the c-level can be persuaded to support these new real estate initiatives.

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Looking to the future with computer vision and artificial intelligence

28 February 2019 | Erik Jaspers

Computer vision is a particularly interesting category of artificial intelligence for facility management. Cameras not only stream images, they are able to augment those video streams with streams of data describing the things that are seen.

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Space utilisation: main priority for Real Estate and Facility Management in 2018

22 March 2018 | Erik Jaspers

In its ‘Green Quadrant IWMS’ report, research firm Verdantix shares insights into the overall strategic priorities for real estate and facilities teams. One of the main priorities is Space Utilisation, where Planon will share some thoughts on.

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These six strategies are drastically changing the IWMS landscape

08 March 2018 | Erik Jaspers

Independent research firm Verdantix highlighted six strategies IWMS vendors have recently been implementing. In this blog, we elaborate on each of them.

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Responsiveness to change: Mobile for Facility Management

23 February 2017 | Erik Jaspers

Facility managers find new capabilities with emerging technologies such as web-based software frameworks and a new generation of field-service applications.

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Tales on IoT

21 July 2016 | Erik Jaspers

The Internet of Things (IoT)… I cannot think of any other more widely discussed topic in our field of work today. My mailbox is effectively being spammed with loads...

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