Marc Wetzelaer

Former General Manager Service Provider at Planon

Marc Wetzelaer is an experienced General Manager in IT services, skilled in Business Development, ITIL, and Change Management. He is currently the owner and Managing Director at Add-Onn, and has also held several roles within Planon.

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Marc Wetzelaer is a highly skilled General Manager in the IT and services industry, with a proven track record in Business Development, ITIL, PRINCE2, Interim Management, and Change Management. Marc is currently the owner and Managing Director at Add-Onn.

Marc began his journey with Planon in 2007, serving as a Project Manager and Consultant., He then explored various other roles within Planon, progressing from Director of Business Development to Service Delivery Manager for Global Account, and finally to the Manager of the Service Providers Line of Business.

Through his management positions, Marc acquired a diverse set of skills that are crucial for effective leadership and decision-making in the IT and services industry. He can be described as an expert in project and program management, skills he gained through the planning, execution, monitoring, and successful delivery of projects. Marc worked at Planon for over 10 years before starting his own business, AddOn, in 2020.

Maintenance employees cleaning the windows

How you can optimise your cleaning services with hyperautomation

26 August 2021 | Marc Wetzelaer

This blog reveals how hyperautomation helps service providers in facing new challenges around contract compliance, optimising service delivery and operating efficiency.

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Office hallway with coloured meeting spaces.

Build or buy an IWMS?

31 January 2019 | Marc Wetzelaer

It's key to determine if you want to create your own CRE and FM processes in an IWMS or if you'd rather opt for a best practice approach with minimal tweaks.

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This is how you can design a floor plan on a laptop.

CAFM vs ERP: What’s the difference for facility management service providers?

11 October 2018 | Marc Wetzelaer

Although many service providers use separate systems for their business processes, they should have an 'enterprise operations platform'.

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Using Planon Workplace Engagement App

What Integrated Facility Services CEOs say about their technology stack

13 September 2018 | Marc Wetzelaer

Last year, Planon partnered with Panorama, a consultancy firm dedicated to the facility management ecosystem, to better understand the trends disrupting the facility management service provider industry.

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People commenting data charts

3 new business models for service providers using the Internet of Things

15 February 2018 | Marc Wetzelaer

How can service providers benefit from the Internet of Things? Planon presents three business models for service providers to consider.

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People working in the modern green office.

If you want something done well, outsource it

28 September 2017 | Marc Wetzelaer

From a functional perspective, the service provider industry has very specific and extensive requirements for software to manage core business operations.

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