Stephan Mau, Executive Vice President for Real Estate Management software solutions at Planon

Stephan Mau

Chief Operations Officer (COO) Planon Real Estate

As Chief Operations Officer for the Planon Real Estate business line Stephan is responsible for Planon’s comprehensive REM software business.

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Stephan is responsible for Planon’s comprehensive real estate management software business, which includes the Planon real estate and property management software as well as the solutions of acquired companies Reasult, COOR and Control IT.

Before moving to Planon in 2014, Stephan held various management positions for many years, including CEO of an industry-specific ERP software solutions provider and CIO of a leading service provider in the customer care industry. He also has extensive experience in management consulting and the management of large national and international IT projects.

Stephan holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Hochschule Bremen as well as an Executive MBA.