Photo of Tom Ryckaert

Tom Ryckaert

Former Business Development Manager at Planon

Tom Ryckaert has an extensive professional background in facility management and business development. He worked for Planon in the role of Global Business Development Manager.

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Tom has great experience and expertise in the realms of facility management and business development.

Delving into Tom’s career history, he has held different positions in companies such as MCS Solutions, Alcatel Lucent, Facilicom Group Belgium and Canon Belgium.

Later, he joined Planon as Global Business Development Manager for over two years where he explored strategies to improve our business performance between 2020 and 2022.  

Moreover, his journey in the field of facility management extends significantly. His tenure at Facilicom Group Belgium allowed him to experience various leadership positions. These roles included Head of Business Development Sales, Member of the Management Team for Sales & Marketing, and Head of Corporate Account Management Team.