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Full visibility into air quality in all of your spaces


Bad air quality impacts the health and productivity of your tenants. Airthings offers sensors to monitor 12 factors influencing air quality. Analyze the data gathered to improve the working environment.

Integrating Airthings sensors into your Planon solution allows detailed measurements of indoor air quality. Sensors can be used to monitor entire buildings or set-up to keep track of specific workspaces. This allows for targeted actions to optimize the environment on a room-by-room or even workspace-by-workspace basis.

Take the experience of your facilities to the next level by making Airthings sensor data available in your Planon Self-Service functionalities. This allows people to take ambient temperature, sunlight and other environmental factors into account whilst selecting a workspace.

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Key features

  • Maintain a healthy working environment by monitoring indoor air quality;
  • Monitor CO2, PM2.5, PM1, Temperature, Humidity, VOC, Radon, Virus Risk, Mold Risk, (Differential) Pressure, Light and Noise;
  • Scalable solutions for multiple buildings;
  • Make data-driven decisions to meet sustainability goals and compliance demands.

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• Airthings Indoor Air Quality Sensors
• Planon Connect for Airthings

About Airthings

Airthings is a global tech company. Established in 2008, it was founded to make accurate and user-friendly radon detectors as common as smoke detectors. Airthings aims to develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy.

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