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Manage unique entries more efficiently in Planon

About Check Unique Field Combinations

This business rule can be used for any business object to ensure the uniqueness of multiple fields. For example, an order must always have an unique value based on the combination of the Property, Tradesperson, Start Date and Start Time fields.

If this rule is configured for the insertion of a new record and/or the updating of an existing record, it will check if any other records already exist with the same values in the applicable fields.

Two settings can be configured for situations in which a match is found:

  1. Display an error pop-up: the user will not be able to save the record without changing the values to unique values in the applicable fields.
  2. Display a warning pop-up: the user can choose to save the record without changing the applicable fields, to adjust the record before saving it, or to discard it without saving.

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Key features

    • A check to ensure unique value combinations in allocated fields on data records.
    • Choice of two settings: enforcement or warning.


      • Planon release L72 or higher.
      • There is no need to agree a separate SLA for this app.



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