A complete solution for meeting room management

About Door Tablet

Door Tablet’s combined hardware and software solution offers a complete and interactive digital signage solution for room booking which can be easily integrated with Planon software.

The integration of Door Tablet’s digital signage solution with Planon software results in a visual, user-friendly and interactive solution for room booking to improve workplace efficiency and the user experience.

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Key features

  • Instantly access a schedule overview from any Door Tablet display
  • Automatic meeting reminders
  • Automatic release of rooms after a ‘no-show’
  • Customizable backgrounds, layouts, themes, branding and screensavers for devices
  • Total flexibility
  • Modular and expandable
  • Wayfinding displays
  • Full administrator and security control from a central web-browser UI
  • Environmentally friendly – automatic sleep mode is configurable for nights and weekends

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About Door Tablet

Door Tablet is an interactive signage solution fully integrated with Planon to provide a smart workspace environment. With hundreds of installations around the world, Door Tablet enables users to deploy a powerful, visual solution that is fully brandable, customizable, and managed centrally - from hardware to software.

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