Providing insights into occupant behaviour and space utilization

About PointGrab

PointGrab’s embedded-analytics sensors and cloud-based management system enable truly intelligent buildings by providing visibility into occupant behaviour and space utilization. This highly secure, scalable, interoperable and privacy-protected solution is a critical breakthrough in the facility management workspace.

Leveraging the data provided by PointGrab in Planon’s facility management software will enable new insights in order to optimize building and workplace utilization.

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Key features

  • Multiple areas of interest: the CogniPoint sensor can cover several defined areas of interest and report the occupancy for each area separately
  • Sensor stitching
  • Traffic lines

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About PointGrab

PointGrab is a leading machine learning and computer vision PropTech company that provides smart sensing solutions to the building automation industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient real-time analytics are lacking.

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