On 1 December 2023, we proudly released the 100th version of Planon Live – our monthly software update framework.

The inception of Planon Live signified a departure from traditional yearly updates, embracing a more agile approach for users to benefit from regular enhancements. Driven by a continuous need for increased business value, organisations and end users expect easy access to new product features, functions, and technology that can help optimise business processes quickly and continuously. Planon Live brings just that: a reliable and cost-efficient upgrade process, ensuring a smoother transition between versions and emphasising a steady evolution. This allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

Beyond its numerical value, Planon L100 represents Planon’s commitment to continuous improvement and consistent refinement. It puts users at the forefront of its evolution, setting the stage for a future where software adapts fluidly to meet user needs.

What is Planon Live?

Planon Live provides customers with access to the latest Planon software through monthly upgrades. These upgrades include new features, bug fixes, and security updates. Traditional service packs are no longer necessary as they are included in monthly upgrades. All upgrades meet Planon’s quality requirements and undergo extensive testing. New features must meet specific criteria, including documentation availability, automated upgrade processes, and support and know-how for end users. These quality assurance measures make Planon Live a secure and reliable way to benefit from up-to-date Planon software without upgrading issues.

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