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Planon and IAdea launch remote room panel management service

3 June 2021 – Planon and IAdea have announced the launch of Planon Connect for IAdea for the management of room booking display technology from within Planon’s market leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

The new solution is based on the existing IAdea product that offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for booking rooms, checking in and out, and viewing room occupancy data. Accessible through the Planon IWMS platform, administrators can set up, monitor and schedule panels for greater energy savings and for centralised control.

‘We’re thrilled to announce this enhancement to our integration with Planon,’ says John Wang, CEO, IAdea Corporation. ‘This ongoing partnership will allow us to refine our offerings to enterprise customers, cementing trust with a proven solution that solves real-world facilities management challenges.’

‘Organisations buy Planon’s software to optimise their space and workplace management processes. With IAdea’s integrated meeting room panels our clients now have a great way to professionalise their meeting room management with a visually appealing interface for room bookings’, says Pierre Guelen, Planon’s founder and CEO. ‘Planon Connect for IAdea enables facilities staff to easily manage these panels while their organisations benefit from a highly user friendly and intuitive interface for room booking, checking in/out, and viewing occupancy.’

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