Planon and Leica Geosystems announce global partnership

12 May 2020 – Planon and Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon company, have announced a global partnership to integrate Planon’s software for real estate, space, and asset management and Leica Geosystems’ reality capture, cloud-based visualisation and collaboration solutions to accelerate digital transformation in the building industry.

With the digitalisation of the real estate and facility management business and the ongoing adoption of property technology (PropTech), there is a demand for digital twins throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is well-established to support the construction and operations of new buildings, but for existing buildings without such models, providing these has been a challenge for years. Planon and Leica Geosystems have released a solution to address this challenge by providing digital twins for existing buildings that can be created without significant investment and seamlessly integrated with any Planon software solution.

‘For us, increasing building performance implies the use of technology-enabled digital solutions, which facilitate the operations of properties, whether you own, manage, or occupy them. Using our geospatial and award-winning reality capture and cloud-based collaboration solutions seamlessly integrated into Planon’s leading RE and FM business software is the beginning of an important alliance between two innovative technology leaders in the building industry,’ said Thomas Harring, CEO of Leica Geosystems. ‘Customers will benefit from the user-friendly integration in their daily software environment. With this collaboration we can ensure that customers are supported in their digitalisation journey and don’t need to worry about technology. They will have the required deliverables, whether it is an updated floorplan, a 3D model or a digital twin, in their software environment.’

Leica Geosystems’ solutions are part of the Hexagon Building Solutions portfolio, that delivers value to its customers in the building industry through an innovative portfolio of information, collaboration, and visualisation technologies. Planon’s market leading software offers innovative cloud-based business solutions for real estate and facilities management, including comprehensive functionality for space-, asset- and maintenance management. The integration with Leica Geosystems drives significant process optimisation and cost savings from a lifecycle perspective.

‘By bringing together Leica Geosystems’ expertise and innovation in reality capture, cloud-based visualisation and collaboration tools with Planon’s proven experience and solutions in real estate and facility management, we create innovative virtual concepts that enable property managers to perform their activities more effectively, limiting the need for site visits and allowing for high-quality preparation of planned interventions. The toolsets to run building operations simply become more intuitive, informative, and effective,’ said Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon.

Leica Geosystems and Planon both operate on a global scale within a well-established ecosystem of service and integration partners, enhancing real estate and facility management operations for customers worldwide, supporting them on their digitalisation journey and understanding the benefits of PropTech for their businesses.

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