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Planon Connect for BIM

For the successful use of BIM data in Facility and Property Management

Facility and Property managers are becoming increasingly interested in using available Building Information Models (BIM) within their Facility Management processes.

This is not surprising given the fact that a BIM contains considerable relevant information about geometry, the building fabric and technical installations. The ‘Bill of Materials’ extracted from the BIM can be re-used to smooth the transition from the construction phase to the building operation and maintenance phases.

Planon Connect for BIM is a unique solution that provides a bidirectional data exchange between a BIM and the Planon Universe platform to ensure consistent and relevant re-use of information for building operations, including processes such as maintenance management, space management, portfolio management and contract management. This solution primarily focuses on the Autodesk product Revit, a market leading BIM technology tool for architects, engineers, designers and contractors.

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