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Whether you service one or many clients, on one or many sites, with one or many field service teams, as a professional service organisation, the pressure is on to continuously sharpen your competitive edge. Planon’s Mobile Field Services Solution helps you meet these challenges by rapidly and securely providing your field service team with solutions they can use on iOS and Android devices. 

Features of Planon Mobile Field Services

  • Technicians can select their next job, read specific work instructions, query asset specific maintenance history, capture time and materials used, complete a job and add a customer sign-off
  • Health & Safety checks and dynamic risk assessments to ensure full compliance with local legislation and to reduce any risks involved
  • The ability to enter energy, water or any other type of meter reading, raise a new activity in the field or register a high priority incident that needs immediate action

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  • Simply download ‘Planon AppSuite’ from the App Store™ or Google Play™ 
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  • You then get two weeks to use Planon Mobile Field Services, and test the functionality

If you have any questions, or problems setting up Planon Mobile Field Services, please contact us via so we can help.

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