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Facility Managers: The Natural Allies to Sustainability Initiatives

38% of CO2 is thought to come from buildings. That is why Planon believes RE & FM has an enormous role to play in sustainable development now and in our future society. Caretakers of these buildings and their operations can greatly contribute to reducing their carbon footprint – even small steps can add up to great progress!

To get the discussion started on the contribution of RE & FM to corporate ESG, a panel of experts answered some questions that can help you get the conversation flowing in your organisation. For example:

  • How is ESG affecting the role of Facility Management?
  • What conversations around Sustainability should FM/Operations be involved in?
  • What should they bring to the table when speaking about sustainable practices?
  • Where do they see the hidden gems of success for FM and Sustainability?

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Meet our expert panel:

  • Peter Ankerstjerne, Chief Strategy Officer at Planon and Chairman of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • Nathalie Perrier, Building Software VP at Schneider Electric
  • Dean Stanberry, CFM, LEED AP O+M and 2nd Vice-Chair of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • Juliana Beauvais, Research Manager, Enterprise Asset Management and Smart Facilities at IDC
  • Yvette Watson, Co-founder of PHI Factory and The 2B Collective

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