Webinar - Lease Accounting: How the lessons learned by Heineken, PwC and Planon could accelerate your IFRS 16 implementation

During this webinar both Planon and PwC discuss the success factors of an IFRS 16 implementation based on their lessons learned in previous projects. Heineken, one of PwC and Planon’s customers with a huge lease portfolio, shares insights into their finished implementation project and experiences.

In this 45-minute webinar, you learn more about:

  • Success factors of an IFRS 16 implementation according to Planon and PwC
  • Lessons learned by Heineken from their IFRS 16 implementation project 
  • How to accelerate your IFRS 16 implementation 
  • Which project phases should an IFRS 16 implementation project include?
  • How software could help to meet compliance

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