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Virtual Event - Using technology to adapt to hybrid working models

Hybrid work: using technology to create a safe, healthy and engaging workplace

Hybrid working has prompted a significant rethink of the purpose of the workplace and of workplace operations to support hybrid working. What kind of spaces are most useful and most in demand? How do we account for remote workers, and plan for their occasional use of corporate space? How does this affect capacity planning?

While organisations are struggling to make decisions about space usage in this hybrid working era, they also need to pay attention to other important concepts linked to workplace management, such as employee satisfaction, employee wellbeing and workplace engagement. Employees have experienced the freedom of choice concerning where and when they work and are now re-evaluating what they want from their work. To retain top talent, organisations have to ensure an excellent workplace experience, and provide safe, healthy and engaging environments.

Watch the recording of this virtual event, hosted by Planon together with Accenture and our partners Disruptive Technologies, IAdea, and MazeMap, about hybrid working and explore the opportunities to support your real estate and facilities teams with adapting to new workplace models.

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Meet the speakers:

Portrait of Peter Ankerstjerne

Peter Ankerstjerne

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chairman of the Planon North America Board

Portrait of Xavier Menendez

Xavier Menendez

Global Lead for Accenture’s Real Estate & Workplace Solutions

Portrait of Thomas Caspersen Nielsen

Thomas Caspersen Nielsen

VP Sales EMEA at Disruptive Technologies

Portrait of John C Wang

John C. Wang

Co-founder and CEO of IAdea Corporation

Portrait of Daniel Thor Matthiasson

Daniel Thor Matthiasson

Head of Business Development UK & BeNeLux at MazeMap

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