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How to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction with hyperautomation

A guide for FM service providers

If the disruption of the past year wasn’t enough, FM service providers are faced with even more uncertainty looking forward. They have a growing list of challenges for acquiring, servicing, and keeping happy clients in 2021 and beyond.

A suitable hyperautomation strategy can help them tackle these challenges head on, as it enables these organisations to better respond to future disruption, meet customer expectations, and fulfil important business objectives in the years to come.

Planon created a e-book - in cooperation with KPMG - that guides FM service providers in growing towards a hyperautomated organisation. It covers:

  • Current trends impacting the FM service provider market
  • How hyperautomation will benefit FM service providers
  • Insights from KPMG on the importance of process mining for hyperautomation
  • Best practices for getting started with hyperautomation

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