Maintenance employees cleaning the windows

How to maintain your maintenance

How can an IWMS support the maintenance of a complex real estate portfolio?

We all know exactly why, when, where and how we need to maintain our car and what are the costs. We make smart and well considered decisions in postponing, combining or advancing its maintenance based on our budget, the risk of engine failure, the projected lifecycle of the car and several other factors.

For one car this is manageable but for ten cars that would become an issue. What if you project this scenario on the maintenance of a complex real estate portfolio which includes several buildings that represent an enormous financial value which includes many technical assets with various specific maintenance requirements? You would need a strategy on how to maintain that maintenance.

This e-book examines:

  • Five reasons why you should maintain your real estate portfolio
  • Build a maintenance strategy
  • Apply a maintenance regime
  • Maintain your maintenance

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