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Key challenges in reaching a net zero built environment

Read this white paper by KPMG and Planon to discover key sustainability roadblocks in the real estate industry

The transformative journey to a sustainable real estate industry

We cannot deny the urgent need to accelerate the sustainability movement. Those managing the built environment especially are being forced to act. Various governmental bodies are developing regulations to push the real estate industry towards net zero by 2050.

This is not an easy task. Organisations require a new approach to existing ways of working, processes, collaboration with outsourcing vendors, and even a cultural change.

KPMG and Planon wrote the white paper ‘Building Back Better: Key risks and challenges in reaching a net-zero built environment’ with the goal to inform real estate developers, investors, and occupiers, on what their businesses are up against in reaching their sustainability goals.
It specifically outlines:

  • Why real estate organisations are central to tackling carbon emissions.
  • The governmental policies in place to accelerate net-zero building initiatives.
  • The challenges of designing and constructing net-zero buildings.
  • The challenges of implementing net-zero principles across real estate investments.
  • The challenges of developing a net-zero corporate real estate portfolio and operations.
  • The importance of data governance and how KPMG and Planon can support.

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