Building hallway with sustainable, green wallpaper and plants.

10 Reasons Why Service Providers Should Adopt Sustainability

Sustainability as a key driver for growth in FM services

As organisations all over the world are trying to reduce their carbon emissions, the role of facility services providers in meeting reduction targets grows. However, sustainability is not only about the reduction of energy use and carbon emissions. It is also a major opportunity for facility services providers to step forward and gain competitive advantage by meeting growing client needs.

The pressure for building owners and occupiers to comply with sustainable related directives like the EU Green Deal is higher than ever. And organisations that cannot comply with the rules are likely to receive penalties. Customers will therefore want to work with services providers that offer sustainable services and have a sustainable (real estate) strategy in place.

Just stating that you have a strategy for sustainable facility management will not be enough, services providers will also need to prove that they can actually deliver sustainable services and support. That being said easier than done, this e-book explores 10 opportunities for services providers that help to adopt sustainability and illustrates how sustainability can benefit business resilience.

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