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Accessibility Statement

At Planon, we are committed to making our digital products and services as accessible as possible to individuals. We recognise the importance of adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure inclusivity and usability for all users. To achieve this goal, we have taken several proactive steps to implement accessibility features and improvements throughout our software. These steps include conducting accessibility audits and assessments, providing training for our development, management and design teams on accessibility best practices, and integrating accessible design principles into our processes at WCAG 2.1 AA level.

While we are in the process of significantly enhancing the accessibility of our software based on WCAG 2.1 AA, we acknowledge that achieving compliance is an ongoing journey. There may be areas where our products still fall short of meeting all WCAG criteria. We are committed to continuous improvement and advanced testing and will continue to work diligently to address any remaining accessibility challenges.

Our dedication to accessibility aligns with our mission to provide equal access and equal opportunity for all users. We appreciate the valuable feedback from our users and the accessibility community, which helps us refine and enhance our products further. We are determined to reach full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and ensure that our software is inclusive for everyone.