Senior Business Consultant of Planon North America, Christopher Ryans.

Christopher Ryans

Senior Business Consultant

Christopher Ryans is the Senior Business Consultant of Planon North America since June 2023. Before this, he was the Services Manager for Planon North America. He joined Planon in 2014 as a Consultant.

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With over a decade of work experience with industry clients, Christopher successfully oversees and completes software implementation projects. At Planon North America, he leads business requirement sessions to determine the solutions needed for new projects, while aligning the scope of the projects in collaboration with the Planon team.

Christopher reviews and analyses existing information systems, datasets, integration, and customer workforce to determine steps for integrations and adoption of the solution into clients’ operations.

Before joining Planon, he worked as a Senior Reports Developer for Vertex Computer Systems and as a Business Systems Analyst for Satuit Technologies. Christopher graduated from Norwich University with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Management.